Rocksolver selected in Smart 100

Rocksolver has been named as one of Australia’s 100 most innovative products in Anthill’s ‘SMART 100′ Index.


Please have a look at our entry and, if you like, vote us up using your Twitter or Facebook ID. Here



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Dry stone wall walk-through video

I’ve just uploaded a new video to Youtube showing the inside and outside of a Rocksolver drystone wall in high definition. You can see it here


Looking up at the sky.



Inside the dry stone wall.

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Old website hacked by comedians

A couple of weeks ago our website was hacked and taken down. It’s now being rebuilt on a more secure hosting service at Net Origin, here

The Google search result post-hacking was amusing:

old intresto website gets hacked and taken down

I thought it was funny 🙂

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Intresto nominated for Global Cleantech Award

Intresto has been nominated for the Global Cleantech Cluster Association 2013 “Later Stage” Award.


Thanks to John O’Brien from Australian Cleantech for nominating us.

We are in the Waste Management category because Rocksolver can be used to build landscaping from demolition rubble.


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Realistic dry stone wall physics test

This is the best dry stone wall digital model I’ve made so far. It mimics a real dry stone wall which is effectively two retaining walls leaning in on each other.

In a simulated physics test the wall was subject to an impact and you can see in the video ( how very little of the impact energy was transmitted along the wall. Only that part of the wall which was directly impacted was damaged.


There’s also a simulation of the wall being destroyed by an earthquake here although this simulation probably doesn’t mimic a real wall under earthquake conditions because the ground movement has not been made to match a real earthquake and the wall doesn’t contain through stones and hearting which would act to dampen the effect of vibration forces. Physics simulation was done in Sketchup using the Sketchyphysics plugin.

Each side of the wall consists of prism-shaped rocks packed according to Rocksolver’s 2D packing algorithm. Have a look at my previous post about how 3D structures like dry stone walls are built by solving a 2D packing problem.

If you’d like a copy of the digital 3D model of this dry stone wall then sign up here, be a beta tester and I’ll email you the file, for free. Or you can buy it for $20 here–2.

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The Million Pound Startup

I submitted an application to the Million Pound Startup investment competition for Rocksolver as augmented ability software. The winner gets 1 million pounds investment and the opportunity to work in London to accelerate the growth of the business.


Click on the link below (or on the image above) to go to the Million Pound Startup site. If you want to see my entry you’ll need to register then use the map to find Rocksolver in Armidale. On the Rocksolver entry page you can click on the “Vote to win” button if you like 🙂

Or if you’ve got a startup then put in an entry.

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Rocksolver’s first customer

A couple of weeks ago I delivered a Rocksolver-generated layout plan to a local landscape designer. It was for a small area of erosion control so it was just the 2D layout plan that was needed.


Photo from Walter McNiven, Pliesure Scapes landscape design. Rocksolver’s first customer.

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