CAMDAC – Computer Aided Masonry Design, Analysis and Construction


CAMDAC Computer Aided Masonry Design Analysis and Construction

CAMDAC (Computer Aided Masonry Design, Analysis and Construction) software takes the digitised shapes of unprocessed rock or demolition rubble as input and then performs the following tasks:

1. Automatically build a virtual structure.

2. Subject the virtual structure to engineering analysis.

3. Provide the builder with a plan to build a real structure.

Although CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) have been around for some time they have been unable to effectively deal with structures built from irregular-shaped objects. The Rocksolver software application being developed by Intresto is the world’s first CAMDAC application.


About malcolmlambert

Atmospheric physicist by trade. Spent some years working in Antarctica and building a house in Tasmania. One day a very old technology (dry stone walling) and a very new technology (computer science) came together in my brain and I conceived an invention. Now I'm an inventor/entrepreneur.
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