Markets for Rocksolver

I’ve been using the dry-stone wall example to demonstrate the first working prototype Rocksolver but the applications for this type of software go far beyond traditional rural structures.

The first market for Rocksolver will be landscaping where the basic 2D version can be used to aid in the building of simple structures like paving and cladding. As the software becomes more sophisticated it will lend itself to designing more substantial structures like water ways and retaining walls for road and rail. A fully engineered version of Rocksolver will, for the first time, give civil engineers access to the compete 3D structure of seawalls and breakwaters to aid in their design, analysis and construction. Housing is probably the largest market and one which will require a fully optimised Rocksolver.


About malcolmlambert

Atmospheric physicist by trade. Spent some years working in Antarctica and building a house in Tasmania. One day a very old technology (dry stone walling) and a very new technology (computer science) came together in my brain and I conceived an invention. Now I'm an inventor/entrepreneur.
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