The Intresto collection on 3dwarehouse

The rocks in the image above are all virtual 3d models and are a selection of over 60 models available for download from the Intresto collection on Google’s 3dwarehouse (

All the models were derived from real rocks so they have a natural look even when scaled to the size of a small stone or large boulder. The pile of rock rubble in the top left and the lower middle rock were “scanned” using a digital camera and the point cloud derived using the Photosynth photogrammetry application. The other rocks were digitised using a 3D laser scanner. All of the models were processed as triangular meshes using MeshLab and then textures applied using Sketchup.

The structure on the lower left was built in Sketchup following a plan devised by our Rocksolver software. There’s more about this structure being tested to destruction in a previous post below.

The models can be imported for free directly into Sketchup, used in your landscaping or hardscaping projects or exported as a Collada dae file then imported into Meshlab. From MeshLab they can be saved in a range of 3D formats such as VRML, obj, ply or stl then imported into CAD or 3D animation, graphics and rendering applications such as Blender. Have fun.


About malcolmlambert

Atmospheric physicist by trade. Spent some years working in Antarctica and building a house in Tasmania. One day a very old technology (dry stone walling) and a very new technology (computer science) came together in my brain and I conceived an invention. Now I'm an inventor/entrepreneur.
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